How to get the absolute BEST deal on flowers


The other day I was heading home from work when I get a call from my wife…

“Can you please pick some eggs and ___ and ___ and ___on your way home”

I had just had a pretty packed day so my mind was still racing on making sure I had gotten everything done that I needed to get done for the day. I was quick to shoot back my reply before she hung up…

“Totally don’t mind, but you gotta text those to me because my mind is fried”

So I pull into the store feeling a bit like a zombie going through the motions as I grab my items and as I am standing by the checkout I see flowers for sale. Gut reaction…

“I have not gotten her [my wife] flowers in a while”

Grab flowers…

Then think to myself… “are these really worth the money?”

Too late, I have arrived at the checkout and can’t put them back. As I hand them to the cashier she replies

“What did ya do?”

Not gonna lie I was a little offended, why do I need to be in the dog house to have to buy my wife flowers?

“Nothing..I just wanted to be proactive I guess”

Followed by her response of “awwwe” [oozing with resentment]

I walked out feeling confident in my purchase but realized that I went with my gut, which most times leads to positive results when the intentions are genuine. Also that I just got the best deal on flowers ever!

In the past when I have waited to get flowers they are worth only pennies on the dollar due to the fact that they come on the heals of some major screw up on my part. The are received in a tone of “thanks but you ain’t off the hook yet”, and rightfully so in most cases.

Instead I had beat the system and was proactive, putting a huge smile on my wife’s face, all for $4.99! Little things add up. Most times you are either moving closer to your spouse or further from your spouse.


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One way to find your true potential

I’ve written before on the importance of having time with just you and your kids, without your wife. This is crucial to having time to connect with them and know them on an entirely new level and being more fully engaged. I recently noticed there is an entirely different lesson I am learning in this.

If you have played sports at any competitive level you know that you often you play to the level  of your opponent (as best you can that is). If you play a team thats far beneath your level you often play loose and down to their level. If you play someone that is better than you then you find yourself playing beyond what you thought you were capable of. You play to the level that you’re needed. Often when we are in our role as fathers we are in the game with our wives and that causes us to be lax and not play to our full potential. We allow them to carry the team and in turn we assume we are not needed. This allows the pull to win.

I’ve noticed this recently with my wife heading back to school two nights a week; I have the kids from about for about 4 hours each Tuesday and Thursday. This requires me to leave a little early from work so I try and “get some work done” in this time. This is about as productive as you can imagine and often I find myself getting discouraged because I realize how easily I am able to disengage.

This leads me down a path of logic that I don’t particularly like. One that opens my eyes to how often I play below my potential.

I can hear my high school coach giving me a speech about how I am “better than that”. How much more I am capable of. What a depressing speech to hear…

Why is this? What has caused this? In short it is me performing to the level expected of me. I am letting my wife pickup the workload. In short, with my wife doing the engaging, I don’t have to.

This lead me to think “what has my wife been thinking of me?” I could not help but think that she had an entirely different view of me then I truly was. Did she think that I was a bad father because I am not engaging to my full potential?

This is both depressing and encouraging at the same time. It is depressing because I know I can and should do more. I am squandering the skills I have and the time I have with my kids. On the other hand it’s encouraging because my realization of the fact means that I am capable of performing higher than I am. I can use the times of close engagement with my kids to heighten the times when I am with my spouse too. I can use them as a time to reset. Get me gauges calibrated to the my full potential not just what I deem as required of me in the moment.

Are you performing to the level of the need or to your true potential? Try and schedule time alone with you and your kids and see how you perform. You might realize that you have it in you to be more engaged and I guarantee it the more you engage the more excited you will be about spending that time with them.

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