Gratefulness and Embracing Your Weird with Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income is on the show. Pat not only is a genius at online business, it turns out he is a pretty swell father. He was working as an architect when in 2008 he got laid off and had to figure out how to make ends meet. What started as selling a guide for passing the LEED exam for architects turned into an online empire bringing in over $150,000 per month. His story is pretty unreal but it is encouraging to hear the very practical things that he does with his children and how he admits that he is not perfect and he fails as a father but he is always looking to get better.

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Show notes (time stamps approximate)

6 year old boy, 3 year old daughter.

8:00 It was super hard in the beginning and he was always working, he had quite a few heated conversations with his wife over his tendency to be thinking about the business non-stop

9:00 Created boundaries for his business so that he could be mentally present with either his family or his business

9:45 Physical boundaries are important to tell himself what the space is for, an office for working. It is a continual struggle even with the boundaries.

11:00 It is impossible for him to work when the kids are around and wanting his attention so he didn’t even try and do it, he set boundaries of space or time (working when the kids are asleep)

11:15 mental switching when he gets interrupted in his work is huge so intentional work time is a necessity

15:00  very intentionally works with his son on how to deal with failure through asking him questions constantly. He want to teach  how to deal with things and figure them out on

16:00 Complaining and getting yourself down does NOTHING and he is trying to point his children toward action to solve the problem and not stay in a state of complaining

16:40 Gamify with his kids; complaint jar that his kids have to put money in if they complain but get money out if they seek a solution prior to a complaint. Him and is wife also have to play in the game.

5 minute journals

the miracle morning

19:10 Journaling is the most underutilized  things that we can all do

19:30 everyday write down 3 things you’re grateful for, 3 things you want to accomplish that day (what would make today awesome), 3 things that were great that happened that day, 1 thing you could do better

20:45 biggest lessons from his parents was that hard work pays off, serving others, patience

22:00 negative from his parent: focusing on the failure obsessively to strive for perfection all the time

23:10 “embrace your weird” is a mantra he teaches his audience as well as his son, what makes your weird makes you who you are

24:30 consistently talking wisdom into your kids is essential

26:00 His kids attend a STEM school

28:30 “Smart Money Smart Kids” by Dave Ramsey was a great parenting resource for him.

29:30 guidance and a diverse opinion is good but ultimately is comes from experience and you need to figure it out

30:00 stays up on what his kids are into, for example he started playing Minecraft because his son got into it so he could talk with him about it


Embrace your weird

Where you find your vibe you find your tribe

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