How to get the absolute BEST deal on flowers


The other day I was heading home from work when I get a call from my wife…

“Can you please pick some eggs and ___ and ___ and ___on your way home”

I had just had a pretty packed day so my mind was still racing on making sure I had gotten everything done that I needed to get done for the day. I was quick to shoot back my reply before she hung up…

“Totally don’t mind, but you gotta text those to me because my mind is fried”

So I pull into the store feeling a bit like a zombie going through the motions as I grab my items and as I am standing by the checkout I see flowers for sale. Gut reaction…

“I have not gotten her [my wife] flowers in a while”

Grab flowers…

Then think to myself… “are these really worth the money?”

Too late, I have arrived at the checkout and can’t put them back. As I hand them to the cashier she replies

“What did ya do?”

Not gonna lie I was a little offended, why do I need to be in the dog house to have to buy my wife flowers?

“Nothing..I just wanted to be proactive I guess”

Followed by her response of “awwwe” [oozing with resentment]

I walked out feeling confident in my purchase but realized that I went with my gut, which most times leads to positive results when the intentions are genuine. Also that I just got the best deal on flowers ever!

In the past when I have waited to get flowers they are worth only pennies on the dollar due to the fact that they come on the heals of some major screw up on my part. The are received in a tone of “thanks but you ain’t off the hook yet”, and rightfully so in most cases.

Instead I had beat the system and was proactive, putting a huge smile on my wife’s face, all for $4.99! Little things add up. Most times you are either moving closer to your spouse or further from your spouse.


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