Make the Time – You Can’t Afford Not To


A friend of mine wrote a post about how successful people make the time. It is genius mostly because it labels it correctly as a SKILL. So often we get trapped into a cycle of thinking that having time is only something other people have or only a matter of consequence. Or worse yet, its something that will happen in the future.

These are all wrong. People that want to get stuff done make the time, and yes it comes at a price.

They still have the same 24 hours in the day like you and they often have a lot of the same responsibilities. However I can safely assume that they all have something else in common; they are way behind on many other things. Things like the latest Netflix show, political debates, time with friends, and getting 8 hours of sleep.

They made the choice. They made the choice when it was hard. They made it when they felt like they were already stretched.
What choice are you making?

Favorite line from the original post

We follow these successful people on Twitter, read their blogs, buy their ebooks, listen to their talks at industry events. We put them on a high pedestal. We tell ourselves they’ve risen to this place of excellence due to many factors which we unfortunately do not have.

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