Triplets, DNS, and France with Anthony Eden


Anthony Eden is on the podcast today. He has been running DNSimple since 2010, which helps entrepreneurs with Domain Name Services. As a father of 15yr old triplets (and a 7yr old) he’s been forced to become efficient at managing his business and time with his family. He talks about raising a family while doing extensive travel as well as the practice of having his kids to do internships at local companies to broaden their exposure to work and careers. A native of Florida, he currently lives in France with his family.

show notes (time stamps are approximate)

3:10 motivation for starting his company was coming off a failed startup, knowing he could do a better job and build a better product

4:50 worked for Living Social while also building DNSimple, was always a remote worker in all this which allowed him to work on his schedule and spend time with his family when needed. Traveling is the biggest down-side of working remote.

8:00 having his wife work in DNSimple has been a long term thing but making it “official” has been honoring to her for the years she had put in

9:55 his kids have a pretty strong work ethic which he attributes to his wife’s upbringing in a military family being heavily scheduled. Having triplets also forced them to be more organized in order to even survive.

11:20 the super growth VC funded startup is “a story” being told but not the only story… there are businesses that are started and run all the time at a sustainable pace. Having a family is actually a great way to force you to think about building a business in a smart way that is not wasteful.

15:00 building a sustainable strong business and having a family has been going on for years, there is no reason you have to build a unicorn startup

17:00 he prioritizes traveling with his children but not to the tourist spots but to see a lot and experience different places and people

18:20 long ago cut out TV at his house

18:40 plays podcasts for his kids in the car while they drive

19:00 kids each had to do an internship at a company for a week

21:00 things he wants to impart on his kids: teaching them how to manage money. Also that they don’t need to follow anyone’s script for their life.

23:00 regret: wish he would have been in Europe when his kids were younger and maybe in the US later when they were older.

25:00 last word: be there when your kids need you, you can never get more time

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