👋🏼 Hi, I'm Mike

Here's what I'm working on...

Co-Founder of 4 children

That's my family (#4 is on the way). My word of advice for anyone considering starting a family, find a great co-founder. That has been 100% the reason for my success and happiness. :)

building software teams

Since 1999 we have helped companies grow their business by building long term extensions of their software team. A family business that I am in the process of learning how to grow.

helping leaders lead

If you're leading people then you know it's hard. Waypoint helps you lead your people and in turn get more done. check it out!

blogging & Podcasting on fatherhood

I'm trying to raise my children in a way that leaves a positive legacy. I love encouraging and equipping fathers to do the same. Check out the manifesto here.

Misc. Projects

I love to get disctracted by shiny side projects, here are a few that I am tinkering with right now...

© Mike Sudyk (whatever that is worth)